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The Best Betting Odds in Canada

Looking for the best betting lines today and Canadian odds comparison? This page covers everything Canadian bettors need to know about betting odds in Canada — where to find them, how to compare sportsbooks odds, and how to track line movement. From football odds, to NHL betting odds, to UFC odds, to almost any league under the sun — we cover them all with help from with our great sportsbook partners.

NFL Super Bowl Betting Odds Comparison 2024

Teamsports interactionbet99
KC Chiefs+450+450+475
PHI Eagles+500+550+525
SF 49ers+500+450+500
BAL Ravens+900+1000+900
DAL Cowboys+1000+1100+1050
MIA Dolphins+1000+900+1000
DET Lions+1200+1200+1150
CIN Bengals+1800+1600+1450
BUF Bills+2500+2500+2500
JAX Jaguars+2500+2000+2100
SEA Seahawks+3300+4000+3300
CLE Browns+4000+5000+4500

Stanley Cup Betting Odds Comparison 2024

Teamsports interactionbet99
VGS Golden Knights+850+1000+800
DAL Stars+850+1100+950
NY Ranger+850+1200+1000
BOS Bruins+850+1100+850
COL Avalanche+900+800+850
TOR Maple Leafs+1100+1100+1150
CAR Hurricanes+1200+950+975
NJ Devils+1400+1100+1200
FLA Panthers+1500+1800+1650
VAN Canucks+1500+2200+2100
EDM Oilers+1600+1400+1750
LA Kings+1600+1600+1600

NBA Championship Betting Odds Comparison 2024

Teamsports interactionbet99
BOS Celtics+350+375+375
DEN Nuggets+400+475+425
MIL Bucks+400+425+440
PHX Suns+700+650+730
GS Warriors+1100+1200+1200
LA Lakers+1400+1800+1650
PHI 76ers+1400+1400+1500
LA Clippers+2000+2000+2100
DAL Mavericks+2200+2500+2400
CLE Cavaliers+2800+2500+3000
MIN Timberwolves+2800+3000+2500
MIA Heat+4000+4000+4000

MLB World Series Betting Odds Comparison 2024

Teamsports interactionbet99
ATL Braves+650+650+675
LA Dodgers+650+800+725
HOU Astros+900+900+900
PHI Phillies+1100+1100+1150
TEX Ranger+1100+1000+1000
TOR Blue Jays+1400+1600+1600
NY Yankees+1500+1600+1500
BAL Orioles+1500+1600+1600
SD Padres+1600+2000+1800
NY Mets+1800+2500+2250
TB Rays+1800+1600+1800
ARI Diamondbacks+2000+3000+2900

Complete List Of Betting Odds By League

Here at Canada Sports Betting, we cover the best odds from a variety of sports leagues and competitions. Running from the preseason in August, to the Super Bowl in February, we’re huge NFL fans. Our coverage of NFL betting odds is extensive and we offer prices on a variety of markets below. That said, our CFL betting odds also cover all of the action — from the start of the season through to the Grey Cup Championship. In addition, as our national sport, we also deliver a strong mix of NHL and minor league hockey betting odds. Bettors can check out our picks and predictions with daily podcasts from The Puck Portfolio. Find your favourite league for betting odds below:

The Best Betting Odds in Canada

Best NBA Betting Odds

Get the latest and greatest betting odds for the National Basketball League (NBA), as we cover all the betting lines from the top bookmakers available to Canadian players. Which team will get their championship ring this season?

The Best Betting Odds in Canada

Best NFL Betting Odds

Get the latest and greatest betting odds for the National Football League (NFL), as we cover all the betting lines from the top bookmakers available to Canadian players. Which team will get their championship ring this season?

The Best Betting Odds in Canada

Best Soccer Betting Odds 2024

Traditionally hailed as one of the most exciting European sports to bet on, soccer…

The Best Betting Odds in Canada

Best UFC Betting Odds 2024 – UFC 303

The UFC has grown into a global brand as the premium combat sports organization. With stacked cards in nearly every weight category, there are a wealth of betting opportunities on top fighters available. Find the odds from the top bookmakers here.

The Best Betting Odds in Canada

Betting on Curling

A favorite among Canadian bettors, there is a broad range of Curling betting odds to enjoy throughout the year. Find the best odds and learn more about the sport and how to bet on it here.

The Best Betting Odds in Canada

Boxing Betting Odds

Boxing has got a lot more exciting in recent years, with the likes Anthony Joshua, Oleksandr Usyk, Deontay Wilder, and even a return for Mike Tyson, making Boxing betting odds a hot topic. Find the best odds and betting lines with us.

The Best Betting Odds in Canada


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The Best Betting Odds in Canada

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The Best Betting Odds in Canada

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The Best Betting Odds in Canada

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Entertainment betting odds

The world of entertainment is so vast and broad and there are so many…

The Best Betting Odds in Canada

Esports Betting Odds 2024

Esports is short for “Electronic Sports,” better known as video games. These types of…

The Best Betting Odds in Canada

FIBA Basketball World Cup Betting Odds 2023

FIBA Basketball World Cup is an international competition between the Senior Men’s National Teams…

The Best Betting Odds in Canada

Golf Betting Odds 2024

Find the best NHL betting odds and all other NHL betting resources like picks, pow Find…

The Best Betting Odds in Canada

Hockey World Cup Betting Lines

The Hockey World Cup returned after 4 years in September 2016 with the big 6 teams…

The Best Betting Odds in Canada

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King of the Cage Betting Lines

It’s hard to believe that King of the Cage betting lines has been around…

The Best Betting Odds in Canada

Lacrosse Betting NLL And NCAA: Bet on Canadian teams

A fair share of Canadians isn’t aware of the fact that lacrosse is one of…

NCAA Basketball Odds

March Madness Betting Sites & Odds 2024

March Madness betting odds are live and you can get in on all the…

The Best Betting Odds in Canada

MLB Odds & Betting Lines 2024

Major League Baseball (MLB) offers more regular-season action than any other major American sport. This means there is an endless list of betting markets to enjoy. We’ll cover them all and more as the season progresses.

The Best Betting Odds in Canada

Motor Sports Betting Odds

The world of motorsports betting features some of the most complex technology, piloted by the most…

The Best Betting Odds in Canada

NCAA Basketball Odds

Check on updated NCAA basketball odds for individual games, tournaments and props, as soon as the…

The Best Betting Odds in Canada

NCAA College Baseball Odds

Draped in history, which dates back to 1947, the US College World Series features…

The Best Betting Odds in Canada

NCAA Football 2024 Odds

2024 NCAA Football Outright Winners Odds The 2024 NCAA Football National Championship odds are updated as of…

The Best Betting Odds in Canada

NHL Betting Odds & Favourites 2024

The NHL features a hectic regular season schedule with some 82 games, before heading to the exciting post-season playoffs. There are many contenders for this year’s title, but who will clinch it? Learn how to bet the NHL at a top Canadian sportsbook.

The Best Betting Odds in Canada

Olympics Sports Betting – Best Paris 2024 Bets

The best Olympics sports betting sites offer some of the most exciting markets during…

The Best Betting Odds in Canada

Political Betting Odds From Around the Globe

The rising interest in 2024 election odds has significantly contributed to the growing Canadian…

Golf Betting Odds 2022

RBC Canadian Open Odds 2024

Looking to bet on RBC Canadian open odds this weekend? You're in luck --…

The Best Betting Odds in Canada

Rugby World Cup Odds 2024

Following the dramatic 2019 RWG win by South Africa, the 10th Rugby World Cup runs from September 8…

The Best Betting Odds in Canada

Table Tennis Betting Sites

The recent rapid growth in popularity and appreciation for the sport of table tennis…

The Best Betting Odds in Canada

Tennis Odds

Find the best Tennis Odds and all other Tennis betting resources like picks for all major…

The Best Betting Odds in Canada

WHL Hockey Betting Odds

WHL betting has become one of the most popular hockey competitions to wager on in…

The Best Betting Odds in Canada

Winter Sports Betting Odds

The winter sports calendar runs at the peak of summer and winter in Canada, as the events…


WNBA Betting Odds 2024

For basketball betting fans across Canada and the USA, plus those around the globe…

The Best Betting Odds in Canada

XFL betting odds 2024

The return of the XFL for the 2021 season has been cancelled. As such we…

Common Betting Odds Formats In Canada

In the newly regulated betting scene, Canadian betting odds are easier than ever to access with so many new sportsbooks joining the fold. If you’re not sure how betting odds work, these are the three most common methods you’ll find at sportsbooks:

  1. American Odds: This is the most common odds format you’ll see in North America. Commonly referred to as Money Line odds, American odds uses $100 wagers as a baseline. Presented with +/- numbers; a positive line represents underdogs while a negative price denotes the favorite. Betting on +165 odds returns a $165 profit on a $100 stake.
  2. Decimal Odds: Popular in Europe, decimal pricing is the default odds format used in a large part of the sports betting world. Decimal odds include your original bet in the payout, so bettors can calculate their profit by multiplying the odds by the stake, minus the stake. As an example 2.65 odds X $100 wager returns a $265 payout, or a $165 profit.
  3. Fractional Odds: Primarily offered in the United Kingdom, this betting line format is presented as fractions (as the name suggests). The numerator represents your stake, while the denominator represents your profit. So a fraction of 2/3 means for every $2 staked, you’ll win $3 in profit.

Boiled down to the simplest of terms, sports betting odds reflect the probability of the outcome on any given match or competition. Bookmakers set prices that mirror the ability of the teams or players involved and the odds act as an equalizer.

Are Betting Lines the Same as Betting Odds?

The terms betting lines and betting odds are often used interchangeably, but strictly speaking, they are not the same thing. The word line refers to a margin set by the bookie in point spread betting. Sports lines are the handicaps given to the favorite in games with two possible outcomes. The lines make any event even, so the clearer the favorite, the higher their line is. That said, betting lines and betting odds in every day betting language have come to mean the same thing — if you refer to the odds as a line, most bettors will understand what you’re getting at. This is similar in the way that Moneyline Odds are sometimes used interchangeably with American Odds, even though strictly speaking, they are separate concepts.

Different Types Of Sports Odds And Markets

While betting odds in Canada are offered in three basic formats, the different types of sports odds are virtually limitless. Standard sports odds markets include:

The Moneyline: Moneyline odds are the simplest format of betting odds. They allow bettors to select which team they think will win. There will usually be a favourite and an underdog for moneyline odds to indicate which team is riskier to bet on.

Spread Betting Odds: Betting on the spread is a very popular format of betting odds. The spread is often referred to as handicapping betting odds because it allows either the underdog or favourite an equal opportunity to win the bet. When you bet on the spread, you’re betting that the favourite will win by a set number of points or more.

Game Total (O/U): Betting on the over/under, or game total, is to guess if the total combined score will be over or under a certain amount. All sportsbooks offer an over/under betting option for most leagues.

Live Betting Odds: Exploding in popularity, modern technology can be thanked for the live betting craze that is sweeping across the world. Available on desktop computers, or with a multitude of mobile devices, top online bookmakers now offer multitudes of in-play betting options every day.

Futures Betting Odds: Futures lines primarily focus on league championship playoff odds and player markets such as top scorer or league MVP. Futures betting odds are to bet on an

Parlay Betting Odds: Parlay betting lines allow bettors to wager on multiple options on a single ticket. Referred to as “legs” accumulators usually consist of two to fourteen sides and are available on most sporting events.

Who Offers The Best Sports Betting Odds?

Some sportsbooks calculate initial odds, while others copy and compete with them. For that reason, sports bettors should be aware that not all sports betting odds are created equal — but will fluctuate with market demand and as sportsbooks try to beat each other out.

At a high level, we’d recommend bet365 and Sports Interaction as the golden standard of competitive Canadian betting odds. These two sportsbooks are quick to publish NHL betting odds, NFL betting odds, and pretty much any other major league under the sun. Other sports betting sites like Bet 99, NorthStar Bets, and TonyBet also typically offer sharp lines.

Check out bet365

Best Betting Odds Canada

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NFL, NHL, NBA Finals Betting Odds

Online sportsbooks compete against each other to offer the highest sports betting odds. The sportsbook industry is very competitive and every book is vying for your business. That’s especially true when it comes to odds on professional leagues like the NFL, NHL, and NBA. Posted shortly after each season ends, this page features online championship futures betting lines, all updated on a weekly basis.

The Best Odds on Playoffs

Sports bettors will always receive the best NFL playoff odds when they invest in early season football futures betting options. Initial lines will almost always be the best bang for your buck, so staking early is usually your best bet. Once the postseason begins, we provide bettors with previews and betting tips on top competitions including NHL playoff odds and NBA playoff odds. Check back here regularly for updated odds comparisons.

Postseason betting should be the cherry on top of each sports year. Following the long regular season, bettors are armed with a wealth of information. Couple that with Canada Sports betting’s picks and predictions to cash in on championship sports wagering markets.

The Best Odds on Championship Finals

After navigating the regular season, and then rolling through the playoffs, our best sportsbook partners are quick to publish championship final series betting odds. Bettor should check out our extensive Stanley Cup coverage that is updated regularly all year long. Running in tandem with puck betting action, hardcourt matches heat up during the NBA Finals. In addition, CSB offers tips throughout the Fall Classic for the MLB World Series.

Players can also check out our CFL title game free plays prior to the big match in late November. With a global following, the National Football League takes center stage in early February. In addition to being a planet-wide party, NFL Super Bowl event betting odds are the most bet on, single-game options annually. Follow our weekly free picks and then check out CSB’s Super Bowl predictions posted well in advance of the NFL Championship.

The Best Horse Racing Betting Odds

No longer reserved as “The Sport of Kings” world-class horse racing odds are easily accessible and featured extensively here at Canada Sports Betting. Our team delivers full coverage of top events like the US and Canadian Triple Crown series plus the Breeders’ Cup.

Once season opening qualifying races are run, top online bookmakers post prices on major horse racing events. We scan those options, uncover the best value, and then include them on our horse racing future pages. One of the most anticipated races of the season, horse bettor’s wager heavy on Kentucky Derby odds.

As the first leg of the US thoroughbred Triple Crown, the Run For The Roses is held on the first Saturday in May at world-famous Churchill Downs Racetrack. Run on the third Saturday in May, the Preakness Stakes is the second jewel in the horse racing Triple Crown.

Raced in conjunction with the Peoples’ Party, at Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore, Maryland, we have a page reserved specifically for Preakness Stakes odds. If a horse and rider win the Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes – they have a shot at history during “The Test of the Champion”. Contested at Belmont Park in New York, interest in Belmont Stakes odds runs especially high if a Triple Crown Championship is on the line.

Horse racing betting odds
Photo by Pietro Mattia on Unsplash

Coverage On Motor Sports Betting Odds

As fans of open-wheel and stock-car racing, plus motorcycle mayhem, we cover the entire motor sports season with futures pages that are updated weekly. Check out the sportsbooks recommended below to find race odds, plus prices on individual champions, from all three major racing series.

Formula 1 Betting Odds

Formula 1 weekly races and championship odds have exploded in popularity since Netflix’s hit TV series launched, but the tried and true fans have been seeking the best Formula 1 odds for a long time now. As with all motor sport betting, punters can place bets on the outcome of a race, the winner of the championship, or other outcomes including the fastest lap, podium finish, top six, or top ten finish. To place a bet, take a look at our page of our best sportsbooks that offers Formula 1 betting. Some of our top recommendations for F1 books include bet365, NorthStar Bets, Sports Interaction, and TonyBet

Bet On NCAA US College Sports Action

Playing all out, in hopes of earning big bucks at the pro level, College athletes deliver some of the most exciting sports betting action in North America. NCAA Basketball and NCAA Football are covered throughout the year at top rated online sportsbooks. Canadian basketball bettors can access the best March Madness futures odds with our USA College Championship basketball feature articles. When the bruisers take over, we are all over the NCAA football campaign, the College Bowl Season and National Championship Playoff odds. If they like the American favourite past-time, they have access to college baseball odds.

Betting Odds FAQ

Can betting odds change?

Betting odds are known to change, many in the industry use the term “line changing“, which refers to the movement between the original price posted and the one that is currently displayed. It’s worth checking back with the bookmaker as often as possible, especially leading up to the event, as the line is likely to change.

How are betting odds calculated?

The exact science behind what dictates the odds isn’t something we can comment on with absolute accuracy, as each oddsmaker has its own standards. Though, generally speaking, the odds are determined based on current performance, head-to-head history, location, players/team statistics, and the competition.

What are the types of betting odds?

There are three main odds types, which are used depending on the region you’re betting in. These odds types are American (+100), Fractional (1/1), and Decimal (2.00).

What are the most popular sports betting markets?

For Canadians, without a doubt, the major North American sports leagues are the NHL, NBA, NFL, MLB, and MLS. Though, there are some winter sports and curling that are also popular.

Is Vegas the benchmark for betting odds?

Vegas has been the benchmark for oddsmakers across the globe for a long time. However, the industry is growing so much that we’re now seeing bookmakers rely on their own oddsmakers for benchmarking.