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NHL Betting Odds & Favourites 2024

Find the best NHL betting odds and all other NHL betting resources like picks, power rankings, and statistics here. One of the most important resources we can provide to those looking for the best NHL odds is a set of reviews and recommendations for the best NHL betting sites.

Edmonton Oilers To Win Stanley Cup


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Stanley Cup Odds To Win 2024

This NHL odds comparison was last updated on Jul 16, 2024.

TeamSports Interactionbet365
Florida Panthers-110-110
Edmonton Oilers-110-110
Jack Eichel Vegas Golden Knights NHL

NHL Vegas Odds

There are many types of NHL Vegas odds available to be played, and the NHL Las Vegas odds are not limited to just during the season of play. For example, at Bet365, you can already wager on which team will win the 2024 Stanley Cup.

The NHL Vegas lines are the NHL betting lines, and the variety of offerings is limitless. NHL betting in Canada is excellent, with customers getting not only competitive odds, but top-tier markets to choose from.

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There are opportunities to wager on pre-match odds for individual games, live odds during individual games, and futures for both teams and individual players, in such categories as rookie of the year and MVP.

The hockey season may come to an end, but there are always NHL betting markets available. We are here to help sports betting fans in Canada place their best NHL wagers.

  • One of the most important NHL Futures are the Stanley Cup odds. This market is hot, and available to bettors throughout the entire year.
  • Betting on the NHL Playoffs is another popular bet for fans of NHL futures. You can bet on who will make it to the playoffs and how far.
  • The Hart Trophy goes to the most valuable player in the National Hockey League. Check out the latest NHL MVP odds. The NHL boasts some serious star power. Top contenders for MVP include; Connor McDavid, Jack Hughes, David Pastrnak, Auston Matthews, Elias Pettersson, Artemi Panarin, Nikita Kucherov, Leon Draisaitl, Nathan MacKinnon and William Nylander.
  • That’s not the only award in the NHL Check out the latest odds for all the hockey awards given out on a yearly basis. These include the Art Ross Trophy (points leader) and Norris Trophy (best defenceman).
  • For big sports fans, betting on your favourite hockey team is a great way to organize your wagering portfolio.
  • For hockey fans in general, you can expand beyond the NHL professional sphere and check out the bets for the World Junior Hockey Championship. 

How does the 2023/24 NHL season work

The 2023/24 NHL season is set to operate just like the one prior — a phrase we’ve come to appreciate after pandemic-related disruptions in 2020 and 2021. The regular season is scheduled to have 82 games and runs from October to April — not as compact as a typical year to leave room for the odd rescheduling, but landing on the correct months nonetheless.

Teams play in four divisions: The Atlantic, Metropolitan, Central, and Pacific.

  • Atlantic Division: Boston Bruins, Buffalo Sabres, Detroit Red Wings, Florida Panthers, Montreal Canadiens, Ottawa Senators, Tampa Bay Lightning, Toronto Maple Leafs
  • Metropolitan Divison: Carolina Hurricanes, Columbus Blue Jackets, New Jersey Devils, New York Islanders, New York Rangers, Philadelphia Flyers, Pittsburgh Penguins, Washington Capitals
  • Central Division: Arizona Coyotes, Chicago Blackhawks, Colorado Avalanche, Dallas Stars, Minnesota Wild, Nashville Predators, St. Louis Blues, Winnipeg Jets
  • Pacific Division: Anaheim Ducks, Calgary Flames, Edmonton Oilers, Los Angeles Kings, San Jose Sharks, Seattle Kraken, Vancouver Canucks, Vegas Golden Knights

Edmonton Oilers to Win the 2024 Stanley Cup


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How will the playoffs work?

The first two rounds will be played against divisional rivals and the four remaining teams will be re-seeded for the new Stanley Cup Semifinals. All rounds will use the classic 7-game format.

When preparing for NHL betting, remember that each of the 31 NHL teams will contest an 82-game regular-season schedule, playing 41 games at home and 41 on the road.

The schedule breakdown sees every team play a home-and-home set with the teams in the opposing conference and three games against the teams in the other division within their conference.

All remaining regular-season games are intra-divisional matchups.

The NHL betting lines on the Stanley Cup playoffs are different. They are NHL futures, meaning you should have something of a different strategy. Be more careful to watch as the lines shift over time as the regular season advances.

The top three teams in each of the four divisions and the two best Wild Cards qualify for postseason play. This means that the main competition happens within each division. These games have more on the line, as a win for you is also a loss for your rival. Wild cards are decided by points. The next two teams in terms of total points in each conference advance. This crosses the traditional divisional boundaries.

Four rounds of best-of-seven series are conducted and there’s no crossover between the two conferences until the champions of the Eastern and Western Conferences clash in the Stanley Cup final.

Cole Caufield Mike Matheson Montreal Canadiens NHL

How to bet on Hockey Games

The most popular NHL game odds available is the moneyline. When wagering on NHL moneylines, it’s simply about picking which team will win the game outright.

As a generally competitive league, NHL moneylines on favourites often open between 1.56 and 1.71, with underdogs around 2.20 to 2.50.

The closest games are between division rivals neaar to each other in the standings. When the Anaheim Ducks visited the Vancouver Canucks late in the 2018-19 season (and the teams were only two points apart in the standings), Vegas opened the Ducks as 2.15 underdogs and the Canucks at 1.74 favourites.

When NHL game odds are this close, the difference is typically due to home-ice advantage. But when the best team in the league plays the one of the worst, the lines can open much wider.

When the league-leading Lightning hosted the woeful Ottawa Senators in March 2019, Tampa Bay opened at 1.20 on the moneyline, and Ottawa was the underdog at 5.00.

NHL odds these far apart are rare and only occur a few times per season.

Another popular betting option available on NHL games throughout the regular season and playoffs is the puck line. The puck line is a fixed 1.5 point spread on hockey games.

Around 40 percent of the games on an average NHL season are decided by one goal. The large number of single-goal games can make the puck line a trickier bet than merely picking a winner on the moneyline.

The puck line turns NHL moneyline favourites into underdogs, because they are giving away 1.5 goals. Underdogs get favourite odds because they are theoretically starting the game with 1.5-0 lead. 

Outside of the moneylines, the most popular bets on NHL hockey games are over/under wagers, also referred to as total bets. 

Opening odds on most NHL over/under lines are gerenally 1.91 for both options. Those odds will be altered if the public is wagering heavily on one side of the equation.

A total is established for combined goals scored in the game by both teams. You wager on whether they will go over or under that total.

With a recent increase in scoring, the average over/under line is opening at 6.0. Even lines of 7.0 are popping up on sportsbooks websites. 

Where Can You Find The Best NHL Prop Bets?

Prop bets are fun and popular wagers that have come to grow exponentially in how they’ve been embraced by the betting public since they were first introduced to sports betting in the mid-1980s.

A prop bet – short for proposition bet – is exactly that, a proposition wager on an outcome from an event within a larger event. As with all sports, the NHL hockey odds offer plenty of options when it comes to prop wagering.

Artemi Panarin New York Rangers NHL

Future book wagers can often be prop bets.

You are wagering on the outcome of a team’s season, or perhaps an individual player’s campaign. It might be a prop offering over/under plays on total goals by the player. It could be a play on who you think will be the NHL’s leading goal scorer.

Events like the Conn-Smythe Trophy, the NHL All-Star Game, and the NHL entry draft tend to lend themselves to a variety of prop bets. The outcome of the all-star game isn’t a great play from a wagering standpoint, so wagers on who will be named MVP on the total goals scored tend to be more reliable bets.

The draft is full of dramatic twists and turns. Pegging where a player will be selected in the draft are common prop wager offerings. Because of these dramatic twists, hockey props can be especially difficult to master.

Even expert bettors can have a tough time with props. That is because we so often focus on the end result: who won and what was the final score. Getting a hold on these details is basic, the first step. With props, it is not enough.

When looking to make the best hockey prop wagers, you also have to understand the details of each player and how they perform throughout the game. if they typically come out strong and tire out or if they have more stamina. To master hockey props, you have to be intimately familiar with the players and the teams.

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Who has the best app for NHL betting?

There was a day not so long ago when the only way to legally place a wager on a sporting event in North America was to book a travel junket to Las Vegas.

Still, in this fast-paced world, there are times when we are left with no choice but to leave home. The good news is that when we do, we can take the sportsbook with us thanks to our mobile device.

All of our sportsbook partners offer mobile access, and you’ll find plenty of choices in this area when seeking out a site compatible with your mobile device. 

For a comprehensive breakdown of the best sports betting apps available in Canada, check out our full guide here!

Sports Interaction’s mobile site offers full services through smartphones and tablets without a dedicated download. No need to add an app to chew up valuable memory on your device to gain access to all your NHL betting needs.

When it comes to mobile apps, Bet365 offers the top mobile site for those whose mobile device of choice is an Android device. Those with iPhones will be best served by Spin Palace Sports.

When seeking out a mobile site, look for a clean one-touch menu that fits any size screen and is compatible with all popular forms of online payment solutions. You’ll want the login to be quick and the navigation to be simple and easy to manipulate.

They should be accessible anywhere a cell phone signal can be picked up in Canada and should provide bettors with the platforms they’d get on a desktop version of the site.

Oilers Game 7 Moneyline


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How to Bet on Hockey Games

When seeking out the NHL best bets, time and effort are vital components to winning wagers.

Some trends can be unearthed which will open a window into how to bet on a specific game. Maybe one team has endured a long losing streak against its next opponent, or perhaps they’re heading into a rink where wins have proven to be few and far between.

Is a team at the end of a long road trip, banged up and worn out?

East coast teams playing West Coast night games are prone to be upset because they are taking the ice just before their usual bedtime.

Likewise, a Pacific Coast team skating in an afternoon game on the East Coast would be performing around the time when they’d normally be just sitting down to breakfast.

Here are some of the basic questions you should be asking as you go to place your hockey bets:

  • Are there any players injured?
  • How important are they? Who is the backup?
  • Are the teams tired from hard-fought matches?
  • Is the media narrative affecting the odds?
  • Am I overvaluing my favourite team because I want them to win?

Is the power play struggling?

The team that wins the special teams battle wins the vast majority of NHL games. That’s why it’s essential to know where the strong power plays are located, as well as which teams are strong at the penalty kill.

A mismatch in this area will almost always determine the final outcome when it comes to NHL betting odds.

These are all factors to consider when wagering. Is a team playing its backup goalie? Was a key player injured in the last game? Are their top scorers slumping, or are they hotter than blacktop in July? Knowing all of these elements will make you a winner at wagering on NHL game odds.

How to get the most out of NHL Betting Lines?

Auston Matthews Toronto Maple Leafs NHL

Once you’ve made the decision that hockey betting odds are something of interest, in order to make the best bets for NHL today you’ll want to find the sportsbook with the top NHL betting odds.

While every sportsbook will offer NHL betting tips, it’s in your best interest to shop around and study what each online book has to offer, to see where you can make NHL’s best bets.

Check out the bonus offers and other special promotions each site provides, to see which are most in line with the sorts of wagers you’ll want to play. How compatible are their mobile sites with your device of choice?

Compare the NHL markets because there are plenty of good NHL betting sites. Are you interested in live betting, future books, props or straight moneyline wagering? Determine how you want to bet and then decide which sportsbook provides the best ice hockey betting tips.

Look at the odds on offer. Is one site slightly looser with their odds than others? Which sportsbooks are the quickest to post their NHL odds tonight? This can be especially vital at the most important time of year when you are seeking out the best NHL playoff betting odds.

The site that answers yes to your questions with the most frequency is likely the sportsbook that best fits your needs as a bettor.

Which Sportsbook has the highest NHL betting odds?

On Canada Sports Betting, you’ll find reviews and breakdowns for dozens of sportsbooks partners offering NHL game odds today.

For example, let’s suppose the Tampa Bay Lightning were playing the Florida Panthers. You want to place a moneyline wager on the Lightning.

At one sportsbook, the Lightning is listed as 1.25 favorites to beat the Panthers. But you check around, and at a rival sportsbook, the price on the Lightning is 1.37. On a $100 wager, you’d make $25 profit on a winning wager at odds of 1.25. But the payout on the wager at odds of 1.37 would be $37. You’re $12 further ahead if you play the second set of odds.

Connor McDavid to Win the Conn Smythe Trophy


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The same comparative shopping should be utilized on all sorts of wagers, everything from live in-play bets, to prop wagers and especially future book wagers.

The variables on future wagers are perhaps the widest you’ll see from sportsbook to sportsbook. If the Lightning were at odds of 8.50 at one sportsbook to win the Stanley Cup, you’d win $750 on a $100 bet.

But jump those odds up to 10.0 at another sportsbook and now you’ll pocket $950 profit on that same $100 play if Tampa Bay were to win the Stanley Cup.

Vegas Golden Knights Stanley Cup NHL

All-Time NHL Stanley Cup Champions

  • Ottawa Senators – 1927
  • New York Rangers – 1928
  • Boston Bruins – 1929
  • Montreal Canadiens – 1930
  • Montreal Canadiens -1931
  • Toronto Maple Leafs – 1932
  • New York Rangers – 1933
  • Chicago Blackhawks – 1934
  • Montreal Maroons – 1935
  • Detroit Red Wings – 1936
  • Detroit Red Wings – 1937
  • Chicago Blackhawks – 1938
  • Boston Bruins – 1939
  • New York Rangers – 1940
  • Boston Bruins – 1941
  • Toronto Maple Leafs – 1942
  • Detroit Red Wings 1943
  • Montreal Canadiens – 1944
  • Toronto Maple Leafs- 1945
  • Montreal Canadiens – 1946
  • Toronto Maple Leafs – 1947
  • Toronto Maple Leafs – 1948
  • Toronto Maple Leafs – 1949
  • Detroit Red Wings – 1950
  • Toronto Maple Leafs – 1951
  • Detroit Red Wings – 1952
  • Montreal Canadiens – 1953
  • Detroit Red Wings – 1954
  • Detroit Red Wings – 1955
  • Montreal Canadiens – 1956
  • Montreal Canadiens – 1957
  • Montreal Canadiens -1958
  • Montreal Canadiens – 1959
  • Montreal Canadiens – 1960
  • Chicago Black Hawks – 1961
  • Toronto Maple Leafs – 1962
  • Toronto Maple Leafs – 1963
  • Toronto Maple Leafs – 1964
  • Montreal Canadiens – 1965
  • Montreal Canadiens – 1966
  • Toronto Maple Leafs – 1967
  • Montreal Canadiens – 1968
  • Montreal Canadiens – 1969
  • Boston Bruins – 1970
  • Montreal Canadiens – 1971
  • Boston Bruins – 1972
  • Montreal Canadiens – 1973
  • Philadelphia Flyers – 1974
  • Philadelphia Flyers – 1975
  • Montreal Canadiens – 1976
  • Montreal Canadiens – 1977
  • Montreal Canadiens – 1978
  • Montreal Canadiens – 1979
  • New York Islanders – 1980
  • New York Islanders – 1981
  • New York Islanders – 1982
  • New York Islanders – 1983
  • Edmonton Oilers – 1984
  • Edmonton Oilers – 1985
  • Montreal Canadiens – 1986
  • Edmonton Oilers – 1987
  • Edmonton Oilers – 1988
  • Calgary Flames – 1989
  • Edmonton Oilers -1990
  • Pittsburgh Penguins – 1991
  • Pittsburgh Penguins – 1992
  • Montreal Canadiens – 1993
  • New York Rangers – 1994
  • New Jersey Devils – 1995
  • Colorado Avalanche – 1996
  • Detroit Red Wings – 1997
  • Detroit Red Wings – 1998
  • Dallas Stars – 1999
  • New Jersey Devils – 2000
  • Colorado Avalanche – 2001
  • Detroit Red Wings – 2002
  • New Jersey Devils – 2003
  • Tampa Bay Lightning – 2004
  • Carolina Hurricanes – 2006
  • Anaheim Ducks – 2007
  • Detroit Red Wings – 2008
  • Pittsburgh Penguins – 2009
  • Chicago Blackhawks – 2010
  • Boston Bruins – 2011
  • Los Angeles Kings – 2012
  • Chicago Blackhawks – 2013
  • Los Angeles Kings – 2014
  • Chicago Blackhawks – 2015
  • Pittsburgh Penguins – 2016
  • Pittsburgh Penguins – 2017
  • Washington Capitals – 2018
  • St- Louis Blues – 2019
  • Tampa Bay Lightning – 2020
  • Tampa Bay Lightning – 2021
  • Colorado Avalanche – 2022
  • Vegas Golden Knights – 2023

NHL Betting Odds FAQ

Where can I place a bet on the NHL? Where can I bet on the NHL? Where can I bet on the NHL online? Where can I bet on the NHL in Canada?

For Canadians looking to place bets on NHL games, there are two primary avenues to explore. Firstly, online sportsbooks offer a comprehensive selection of NHL betting options, including futures markets. The popularity of online hockey betting has soared in recent years and is expected to continue growing as the Canadian hockey betting scene expands. Alternatively, provincial sports lotteries like Proline+ provide another option. These platforms have a history of allowing NHL betting, initially focusing on parlays but adapting to new Ontario regulations by introducing single-game betting.

What are the different types of NHL bets?

For individual games, standard bets include NHL moneylines, totals, and pucklines. Each game can have a wide variety of prop bets, like predicting the team that will score the first goal or win the first period. NHL futures betting includes Stanley Cup futures, conference and division futures, along with betting on individual awards, such as the Hart Trophy for regular season MVP.

Which sportsbook is the best to place bets on hockey?

Every sportsbook caters to a slightly different type of sports bettor. Experienced wagering fans may look for a sportsbook that has a bit of a bigger sign-up incentive and lengthier rollover. Casual NHL bettors may prefer a smaller incentive that’s easier to cash out. Check out different sportsbook sites to find the one that works best for your betting style.

Why do NHL lines change?

NHL lines change for a multitude of reasons. For example, the volume of bets placed on one team can raise the price of choosing that team and lower the cost of wagering on the other. Injuries to star players will change the odds greatly, along with roster changes like a backup goaltender getting the nod instead of the starter.

How do futures work?

The NHL futures market involves predicting an outcome that will happen in the long term, such as the winner of the Stanley Cup, instead of betting on a game in the next day or two. Futures odds change throughout the season according to how well a team plays, injuries, and other competitive variables.

How does the puckline work?

The puckline works similar to a point spread in the NBA and NFL. NHL pucklines involve a winning margin of 1.5 goals. The favorite must win by two goals to win the puckline bet, while the underdog wins the bet if they lose by one goal or win the game outright.

When did the Stanley Cup begin?

The Stanley Cup started in 1893, but it was first called the Dominion Hockey Challenge Cup. In 1915, the first Stanley Cup was given to the best professional team in the world, instead of focusing only on Canadian competition. The NHL Stanley Cup era formally began in 1927, though only one non-NHL team won the famous trophy between 1918 and 1926 (Victoria Cougars of the WCHL, 1925).

Who is the favorite to win the 2024 Stanley Cup? Who will win Stanley Cup 2024? Who is favoured to win the Stanley Cup this year?

This answer can change at a drop of a hat throughout the season. The Florida Panthers are currently favoured to defeat the Edmonton Oilers in the 2024 Stanley Cup Final.

Which team won the first NHL title?

The first NHL champions were the Toronto Arenas, also known as the Torontos or the Blue Shirts, depending on who you asked 105 years ago. This team would eventually become the St. Patricks, and eventually, the Maple Leafs.
At the time, the Stanley Cup was still shared by the NHL and the PCHA (later WCHL, later WHL, later defunct), so the Arenas had to follow their season up by defeating the Vancouver Millionaires – which they did, in a best-of-5 series that went the distance.

What team has won the most NHL titles?

The Montreal Canadiens have won the most Stanley Cups in league history, earning 24 Stanley Cup championships. This is eleven more than the Toronto Maple Leafs, who have the second most Stanley Cup wins, despite their lengthy slump.

What are +200 odds in betting? What does +200 mean in hockey? How do you read NHL Vegas Odds?

These are odds using the American betting system, which is the most common in Canada as well. In essence, a “plus” bet means that for every 100 dollars/units you bet, you will get that amount as a profit if you win. A “minus” bet means you will need to place that many dollars/units to get 100 as a profit if you win. So a +200 bet will get you 200 dollars/units in profit if you are correct.

Understanding the NHL Vegas odds is key to getting the best edge with your NHL futures bets and general hockey prop bets.

What does +1.5 mean in hockey betting?

Generally this is in reference to the puckline, which is another name for the moneyline in other sports, or “spread betting”.

An team that finds themselves as an underdog to win outright might be seen as capable of holding their opponent within a certain amount goals, so the puckline is available for those who aren’t sure of victory, but are sure of a solid effort. +1.5 in this context would mean that you expect the underdog to keep the score within two goals. The odds will be shorter than if you pick them for victory, but it’s an avenue you can take with your NHL odds today if you aren’t certain of victory (or, if you take the team at -1.5 – if you expect a big win)!