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Best MLB Betting Sites in Canada 2024

The 2024 MLB season is underway and with it comes the return of blazing fast pitches, home run dingers, and of course, choosing the best MLB betting site. At CSB, we help you score your next big win of the baseball season, which is why we’ve compiled the best baseball betting sites in Canada. With each online sportsbook offering their own unique features, competitive odds, and MLB betting markets, there’s no shortage of ways to bet on baseball this season.

We’ve compiled in-depth reviews on the best MLB betting sites so you can find the oddsmaker that’s right for you. Be sure to check out the betting markets, sportsbook features, and banking options provided by each betting site so you can place your next bet with confidence. Don’t miss out on any of the action; sign up with one of the best MLB betting sites in Canada today and knock your next bet out of the park.

Best Sportsbooks for Major League Baseball

To help you find the oddsmaker that’s right for you, we’ve provided a brief synopsis of the best sportsbooks for Major League Baseball betting below. Here, you can learn what makes each of these betting sites stand out from the competition, and how you can use them to place your next MLB bet.

Check out the best MLB betting site options below and sign up using the links provided to get you started on your baseball betting journey today.

MLB SportsbookOverall RatingSign Up
BET994/5MLB Betting at BET99
Sports Interaction4/5MLB Betting at SIA
bet3654.5/5MLB Betting at bet365
BetVictor4/5MLB Betting at BetVictor
Betway5/5MLB Betting at Betway
NorthStar Bets4.5/5MLB Betting at NorthStar Bets


One of the top online sportsbooks available in Canada, BET99 is a fantastic option for anyone looking to place MLB bets this season. Packaged in a slick, easy-to-navigate user interface, BET99 offers an intuitive platform that makes finding your favourite betting markets a breeze. With odds and lines on all the biggest sports such as the MLB, NBA, NHL, and NFL, as well as niche sports like table tennis and darts, you’ll never run out of things to bet on with the massive betting library offered at BET99.

Looking specifically at the BET99 MLB betting markets, they do a tremendous job of providing players with ample winning opportunities. Providing players with odds on each daily MLB game including game lines, prop bets, and live betting options, you’ll never run out of ways to play with BET99. There are also a number of other baseball leagues available to bet on at BET99, such as the KBO and AAA baseball leagues.

Check out BET99 Sportsbook today and see for yourself why they’re regarded as one of the top MLB sports betting sites on the market.

Sports Interaction

A top-notch MLB betting site that has no shortage of exciting betting markets to offer, Sports Interaction is a great spot for exciting baseball betting.

Providing bettors with competitive odds on the MLB, in addition to a multitude of banking options and free-to-play contests, Sports Interaction has everything you could ever ask for from an online sportsbook. Not only does Sports Interaction feature daily betting lines on the MLB, but baseball bettors can also take advantage of their KBO and Japanese baseball betting markets.

Sign up today at Sports Interaction using the links provided and score your first big win of the baseball season with this top MLB betting site.


Regarded across the globe as one of the best online sports betting sites, bet365 is a premier destination for Canadian baseball bettors. Providing a user-friendly betting interface, bet365 allows you to deposit, withdraw, and place bets with ease.

Offering daily lines on the MLB, bet365 provides bettors with some of the best value on their wagers in Canada. With your increased winning capabilities, bet365 puts you in the best position to boost your bankroll on your next bet.

Bet365 also supplies bettors with the ability to score early payouts on their baseball bets if the team you wagered on goes up by five-or-more runs during the contest, even if they end up losing outright.

See what makes bet365 one of the top-ranked MLB sportsbooks on the market today and take advantage of their sensational sports betting platform.


With a long history of providing a terrific sports gambling experience, BetVictor is a great destination for your MLB bets.

Offering competitive odds on numerous baseball betting markets such as game lines, live betting lines, futures bets, and more, it’s never a dull moment at BetVictor. BetVictor is very much a “meat and potatoes” sportsbook, keeping things simple and proficient. If you’re new to sports gambling BetVictor is a great option for you.

Check out BetVictor sportsbook today and see why they are one of the best MLB betting sites on the Canadian market today.


A brilliant online sports gambling service that has everything an MLB bettor needs to be successful, Betway is a great option to take your baseball betting action to.

Offering some of the best value on MLB betting lines, Betway comes equipped with some of the best baseball odds on the market. With these juicy odds, bettors can score bigger payouts using their sports betting service compared to the competition. Along with these generous odds, Betway also comes with an expansive betting library on not just baseball, but a variety of sports betting markets across the globe.

Rewarding bettors for playing with their service, if you opt-in to the Betway Parlay Club, you can earn $10 in bonus tokens weekly for a $25 wager placed on a 3+ leg parlay. Get started with Betway today using the links provided and score your next big win using this top of the line online sportsbook.

NorthStar Bets

A homegrown oddsmaker that provides a stellar sports betting experience to their players, NorthStar Bets is a great MLB betting option.

With a variety of daily lines and odds on the MLB, there’s a plethora of betting markets to make use of at NorthStar Bets. From game lines, to live bets, as well as player props and futures, NorthStar Bets allows you to wager on every part of the action throughout the MLB season.

If you love betting on underdogs, NorthStar Bets provides some of the best value on the market in this regard. Take a look at what NorthStar Bets has to offer today using the links provided and see what makes them on of the best MLB betting sites in Canada.

Types of Baseball Bets

The best MLB sportsbooks offer a variety of betting odds and lines for baseball bettors to wager on, and generate their next big win. Each of the baseball betting markets featured below have their own unique winning conditions in addition to varying odds and value.

Learn how you can start betting on the MLB today with the most popular types of MLB bets featured below.

MLB Moneyline

A great starting point for new bettors that never goes out of style, betting the MLB moneyline is simply to place a bet on who you think will win the game outright.

For example: If the Los Angeles Dodgers are facing the Boston Red Sox, you could bet the moneyline for either side of the matchup. Each side will possess their own value, with one team favoured and the other marked as the underdog. Favourites are more likely to win but have less value, while underdogs possess more profitable odds based on their inferior talent level.


A branch off of MLB moneyline bets, runlines provide bettors with increased value when backing a favourite, or insurance when betting the underdog. Working the same way as a point spread, a runline is the amount a team needs to win by or lose within.

For example: If the New York Mets are -1.5 run favourites against the New York Yankees at +1.5, the Mets would need to win by two runs or more in order for your bet to win. Inversely, if the Yankees pulled off the upset victory or lose within one-run, then they would cover the runline resulting in a winning wager.

Runlines can be a fantastic way for bettors to get extra value when backing a heavy favourite that they expect to run away on the scoreboard. Alternatively, they can provide an underdog with a form of insurance in the case of a closely contested clash.

MLB Run Totals

Another great MLB betting market that’s easy to get started with is MLB run totals. Run total wagers allow bettors to wager on the final combined score of a matchup to either exceed or fall short of the betting lines listed.

For example: If the Chicago Cubs are playing the San Francisco Giants and the run total line is set at 8.5 runs, then you would bet according to what you think the final score would be. If both teams combine for nine or more total runs, then that means the Over hit. If eight or less runs are scored, then the Under would be the winning pick.

Run totals can be a great way for sports bettors to capitalize on their bets placed on a matchup, especially where they aren’t sure of the final outcome. If two elite offences are clashing then the Over is always a good bet, but if both teams are stingy in giving up runs, then the Under is likely the way to go.

Baseball Prop Bets

Adding a new layer of excitement to your MLB wagers, baseball prop bets allow you to wager on specific events that may occur within a game. Baseball prop bets come in a variety of shapes and sizes with both game props and player props.

A game prop is a wager on an event to occur within a game, such as which team will score the first run of the game, whether or not both sides will score, or if a game will go into extra innings. Player prop bets are incredibly popular as they allow you to back all of your favourite MLB players to reach statistical milestones. Some of the most popular player prop bets include players to get a hit, to hit a home run, or Over/Under on strikeouts thrown.

Don’t just wager on the outcome of the game — get some skin in on the action as it unfolds with the baseball prop betting markets available at the MLB betting site of your choice.


A great way to add value to your bets, parlays allow bettors to compile two or more wagers into a single bet slip. In order for your parlay to win, each pick featured must be successful. If even one selection comes up short, so does your entire wager.

For example: You could craft a four-team moneyline parlay, and if all four of your picks hit then you will earn a multiplied payout. However, if any of your chosen teams lose their game, your bet results in a loss.

Another form of this betting market is same-game parlays. Instead of betting on the outcome of multiple games, same-game parlays allow MLB bettors to combine game lines and prop bets from a single game into one bet slip.

Due to the increase in value bettors receive based on the amount of legs included in a parlay, these bets can supply you with the best bang for your buck while betting on baseball. At the same time, they can be difficult to win consistently.

MLB Futures

Think you can predict the future of the MLB? Then bust out your crystal ball and place an MLB futures wager today.

Futures are a great way to bet on the MLB, allowing bettors to wager on various upcoming events such as the World Series winner, AL or NL MVP, or Cy Young award winners. These odds are constantly changing as the season progresses, meaning you can potentially find tremendous value if you place your bets at the right time.

As these bets aren’t determined until a later date, they often hold positive value for bettors. There could be a drastic change made within the league that could alter the trajectory of the bets’ success, such as trades, injures, and more.

If you’ve got a good feeling about how the MLB season is going to go, make sure to check out the latest MLB futures betting markets offered by the top sports betting apps and find your next long shot win.

WASHINGTON, DC - JULY 07: Riley Adams #15 of the Washington Nationals hits an RBI single against the St. Louis Cardinals during the second inning at Nationals Park on July 07, 2024 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Jess Rapfogel/Getty Images)
WASHINGTON, DC – JULY 07: Riley Adams #15 of the Washington Nationals hits an RBI single against the St. Louis Cardinals during the second inning at Nationals Park on July 07, 2024 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Jess Rapfogel/Getty Images).

How to Read MLB Odds

If you’re going to start placing wagers on all the betting markets available from the best online betting sites, you’ll need to understand how to read MLB odds. MLB betting odds are displayed in the same manner as any other sport, so if you can read these odds, you’ll also be able to understand odds on hockey, basketball, football, and more.

The MLB odds format displayed here is referred to as “American odds“. In these odds the favourite is represented by a “-” symbol, whereas the underdog is shown with a “+” symbol.

For favourites, the “-” symbol represents the amount a bettor would need to wager in order to generate a $100 win. For example, if the St. Louis Cardinals are given -200 odds to win their next game, you would need to wager $200 in order to win $100 in profits, a total return of $300 including your original stake.

For underdogs, the “+” symbol represents the amount a bettor can win if they wager $100. For example if the Atlanta Braves are slated as underdogs in their next game at +200 odds, a $100 wager would net you a $200 profit, a total of $300 in return including your original stake.

Now that you understand how to read MLB odds, you can use this to compare the betting lines and values offered from each top online sportsbook so you can get the best bang for your buck on your upcoming wager. Each baseball betting site will offer their own lines and odds on the MLB so be sure to see which is offering the best MLB odds available on today’s matchups to maximize your winning potential.

How to Get Started Betting on MLB

Now that you’re familiar with the best MLB betting sites, it’s time to learn how to get started betting on MLB. The sign up process at baseball betting sites is fairly straight-forward, and shouldn’t take you longer than five minutes to complete.

Before you begin the sign up process with any of the top baseball betting sites, be sure to have all of your personal information handy, as well as a piece of government-issued ID (drivers license or passport) to register your account.

1. Choose a Site

Start by deciding which online sportsbook you want to take your bets to. It’s important to choose a sports betting app that offers competitive odds, an easy-to-use interface, reliable banking options, and knowledgeable customer support. Each baseball betting site provides their own unique betting experience that caters to varying MLB bettors’ needs. Check out the sports betting features offered by the top MLB betting sites and see which oddsmaker fits your betting needs before creating your account (or read our sportsbook reviews)

2. Create an Account

Once you’ve chosen a baseball betting site, it’s time to create your account. Whether you’re using mobile betting apps or a web browser, select the sign up or register option on the sportsbook to get started. From here, you’ll be asked to provide personal information such as:

  • Your legal name
  • Birthdate
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Occupation.

All of this information will be kept confidential, but is necessary to ensure you’re legally eligible to place bets with their sports betting site. You’ll also need to agree to the legal terms and conditions outlined by the sportsbook.

For baseball bettors located in Ontario: you may be asked to submit a photo of your personal ID as well as a quick selfie to verify your identity. This extra step is fairly easy to complete, but it can take time to verify depending on the bandwidth of the odds maker. After all of these steps have been completed, your sports betting account will be created and you’ll be off to the races for your MLB bets.

3. Make a Deposit

Next, you’ll need to make a first deposit into your online sportsbook account. The top MLB betting sites in Canada offer a variety of safe and secure deposit methods so you can easily transfer funds into your account, in addition to withdrawing winnings without hassle.

Popular deposit methods include:

  • Debit options (interac e-transfer/InstaDebit)
  • Credit cards (VISA/MasterCard)
  • E-wallets (PayPal/MuchBetter)
  • Crypto (Bitcoin/Ethereum).

Make sure to check out the deposit options provided by the best MLB betting site for you, so you know what the easiest way to make transactions into your account will be while playing.

4. Place Your First Bet

Once your sportsbook account is locked-and-loaded with funds, it’s time to place your first bet on the latest MLB odds. With your online sportsbook account you’ll be able to place bets on Major League Baseball games daily throughout the regular season and playoffs. There’s no shortage of ways to wager on MLB betting lines at any online betting site.

Betting on an MLB game can take the action to a whole new level of excitement, so be sure to find your next winning wager with your preferred MLB betting site today.

Best MLB Betting Sites Promotions

Popular MLB sportsbook sign up bonuses include deposit match bonuses, risk-free bets, bonus bets, and loss-back promotions. Each sign up bonus is unique and ranges in value, wagering requirements, and more. Be sure to stay informed on all the top online sportsbook bonuses in Canada for the best baseball betting sites, and kickstart your wins today.

MLB SportsbookClaim Bonus
BET99First encore bet up to $150!
Sports InteractionGet a 125% deposit match to $250!
bet365First bet insurance up to $1000!
BetVictorGet a 100% deposit match up to $600!
BetwayClaim 100% deposit match up to $300!
NorthStar BetsClaim 100% deposit match up to $250!

Betting Bonus Terms & Conditions

It’s imperative that you understand how your bonus works so you don’t feel ripped off. Each promotion has their own eligibility requirements and betting minimums that need to be met in order for your bonuses to be redeemed.

Example requirements include:

  • Being of legal age to place bets.
  • Living in a legal jurisdiction.
  • Have provided accurate personal information.
  • Having enough funds to add a deposit.

Once your account is registered and ready to play, baseball bettors must meet the minimum deposit requirement to redeem their bonus. This amount is typically low (like $10), but may limit the amount redeemed in return.

After your bonus has been unlocked and your newly acquired funds are in your account, you must meet the wagering requirements to convert your bonus bets into cash. Also known as rollover, wagering requirement is the amount you need to put at stake in order to withdraw your balance.

Most MLB betting sites have reasonable wagering requirements of 1x your wager, but be weary as some promotions may force you to wager up to 10x your bonus amount in order to convert the balance into cash. To ensure that you’re aware of all the details that go into redeeming a betting site promotion, baseball bettors need to read the terms and conditions outlined in each bonus. This is where you will find the outlined requirements for each bonus so you can bet accordingly to maximize your bonus.

Rule Changes for the 2023 MLB Season

In the 2023 season, Major League Baseball introduced three new rule changes to help improve play. Following successful experiments in the Minor Leagues, the Joint Competition Committee (made up of four active players — six members appointed by the MLB and one umpire) voted in favor of the changes, which aim to improve the pace of play, action, and safety.

The three new rules included:

  1. A pitch timer: The pitch timer includes a 30-second timer between batters, a 15-second timer with the bases empty, and a 20-second timer with runners on-base. Additionally, pitchers are limited to two disengagements, and batters will need to be in the box and alert to the pitcher by the 8-second mark.
  2. Limits on defensive shifts: To enhance athleticism, increase batting average on balls in-play, and restore traditional outcomes on batted balls, the Major League Baseball Committee also implemented new restrictions for the defensive team. These rules mandate a minimum of four infielders, with at least two infielders positioned on either side of second base when the pitcher is on the rubber. These players must stay within the outer boundary of the infield throughout the pitch, and they cannot switch sides. If the defensive team is not properly aligned, the offence can opt for an automatic ball or the play’s actual result. However, the rule allows the team to position an outfielder in the infield or shallow outfield grass in specific situations, but prohibits four-outfielder alignments.
  3. Bigger bases: The traditional 15-inch bases were replaced with larger, 18-inch square bases, reducing the distance between the bases, and encouraging more stolen-base attempts. This change also provides players with more space to operate and avoid collisions. The bigger bases also aid in preventing over sliding, reducing the instances when a player loses contact with the bag while sliding through it.

The new rules were thoroughly tested and refined over 8,000 Minor League games, equivalent to 3.5 complete Major League seasons. The aim is to address fan concerns and improve the pace of the game — increasing action, and showcasing the athleticism of players. The new rules have been well-received in the Minors, resulting in a reduction in game time and an increase in stolen-base attempts.

In its first full season since initiating these rule changes, the league saw an increase in total runs, hits, and stolen bases per game when comparing 2022 batting averages to 2023. These increases are indicative that the rule changes made did increase the pace of play, and were met with great reception from baseball fans. Pace of play also took a noticeable increase with the average nine inning game lasting 2 hours and 39 minutes, the lowest since 1985 in the MLB.

SEATTLE, WA - JULY 07: Starter Jose Berrios #17 of the Toronto Blue Jays delivers a pitch during the second inning of a game against the Seattle Mariners at T-Mobile Park on July 7, 2024 in Seattle, Washington. (Photo by Stephen Brashear/Getty Images)

Rule Changes for the 2024 MLB Season

In 2024 there were a few minor rule changes put in place to continue the enhancement of the on-field MLB product.

  1. The first rule change put in place was the widening of the runner’s lane along first base. This is advantageous for right-handed batters as this now provides a more direct path for them to navigate after making contact with a pitch. Previously runners would need to stay within the marked three-foot white chalk line during the last-half of distance between home plate and first base. Now, this line will still be marked but is put in place to keep runners out of foul territory when a ball is hit into the area. When a ball is in-play however, runners will be able to go as wide as the dirt allows you, with the grass now indicating the limit to where a player can extend to while flying toward first.
  2. Another rule change made in the 2024 season was a small revision to the pitch clock when runners are on. Previously a 20 second timer, this has now been reduced to 18 seconds with runners on.
  3. Also changed in the name of increasing game pace, team mound visits have now decreased from five to four.
  4. Lastly, there is now a one-batter faced requirement for all pitchers who are warmed up prior to an inning, before they are able to be replaced.

How Rule Changes Impact Sports Betting & DFS

These recent rule changes have made a massive impact on sports betting and Daily Fantasy Sports. With an increase in batting averages and league scoring, this has made a drastic affect on the final scores of each matchup as well as the output of each player.

For avid bettors wagering on player prop bets or DFS, this has made betting on the MLB a much more attractive enterprise. The potential for the Over to hit in a number of statistical categories has increased significantly. Bettors should stay aware of all the rule changes that are introduced in the offseason so you can make educated decisions when crafting your next DFS lineup or MLB bet slip.

Canadians in MLB History

Throughout the long legacy of the MLB, there have been several standout Canadian players that have left their mark on the league. Currently, there are 18 Canadians active in the MLB including notable players such as Vladimir Guerrero Jr., Jordan Romano, and Nick Pivetta. These players have racked up numerous accolades for their spectacular play and have helped pave the way for other Canadian baseball players to crack into the big leagues.

Freddie Freeman

One of the top first basemen in the MLB today, Freddie Freeman is one of the top talents with ties to Canada. While Freeman was born and raised in the United States, both of his parents were born in Canada. Having represented Canada in the 2023 World Baseball Classic, the dual-citizen has proudly donned the red and white in homage to his late-mother’s memory.

Having racked up seven All-Star appearances, three Silver Slugger awards, a World Series victory in 2021, and an MVP win in 2020, Freeman has cemented himself as one of the best Canadian players in MLB history.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - JULY 03: Freddie Freeman #5 of the Los Angeles Dodgers at bat against the Arizona Diamondbacks during the first inning at Dodger Stadium on July 03, 2024 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images)

Fergie Jenkins

The first Canadian to ever be inducted into the Pro Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, Ferguson “Fergie” Jenkins was a true trailblazer for Canadian ball players. A sensational pitcher in his MLB tenure, Jenkins tallied over 3,000 strikeouts in his career (only one of 19 players in MLB history to do so), as well as three All-Star appearances, and a Cy Young award recipient in 1971 as a member of the Chicago Cubs.

Jenkins’ superb play that spanned 19 years was a pivotal building block in the foundation of Canadian baseball players. Without his efforts it’s unlikely we would see the amount of talent imported from North of the Border that we see today.

fergie jenkins

Rob Thomson

One of the top managers in the MLB today, Sarnia, Ontario’s Rob Thomson has found great success at the helm of the Philadelphia Phillies. After playing in the minor leagues in the Detroit Tigers development system from 1985-1988 , he began his coaching career.

Thomson has a World Series victory to his name as part of the 2009 New York Yankees, where he served as third-base coach. In just two seasons with the Phillies as their manager, Thomson led his squad to tremendous success with a World Series appearance in 2022, and a subsequent NLCS appearance in 2023. Looking to continue his success in 2024, Thomson and the Phillies once again look poised for a deep run in the MLB playoffs.

Joey Votto

Hailing from Toronto, Ontario, Joey Votto is one of the best players to make it to the MLB out of Canada. Having played in the most MLB games of any Canadian, Votto has carved out a spectacular career in his 17 MLB seasons.

A six-time All-Star, Votto reached his apex in 2010 where he captured the NL MVP with the Cincinnati Reds. Votto was also the recipient of a gold glove in 2011, further cementing his place as one of the top Canadians to ever make it to the big leagues.

Still active today within the Toronto Blue Jays minor league system, there’s still some air left in the tires of the 40-year-old first baseman as he looks to play his way back into an MLB lineup in the 2024 season.

CINCINNATI, OHIO - SEPTEMBER 24: Joey Votto #19 of the Cincinnati Reds against the Pittsburgh Pirates at Great American Ball Park on September 24, 2023 in Cincinnati, Ohio. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

Larry Walker

A Hall of Fame rightfielder whose career spanned 17 years, Larry Walker is arguably the greatest Canadian baseball player of all time. After making history in 1997 by becoming the first Canadian player to ever win the MVP, Walker also compiled five All-Star appearances, seven gold gloves, and three batting titles in his illustrious career.

Walker continues to represent Canada even after his playing days have come to an end, currently serving as a first base coach with the Canadian World Baseball Classic team.

NEW YORK - CIRCA 1993:  Larry Walker #33 of the Montreal Expos swings and watches the flight of his ball against the New York Mets during an Major League Baseball game circa 1993 at Shea Stadium in the Queens borough of New York City.  Walker played for the Expos from 1989-94. (Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images)

The Toronto Blue Jays

The lone Canadian team in the MLB, the Toronto Blue Jays have an impressive history in the league since their inception in 1977. The Blue Jays are a part of the American League, playing within the AL East. Baseball may be known as “America’s favourite pastime” but the Blue Jays have made Canadian baseball fans proud as they’ve reached the mountain top in the MLB. Winning back-to-back World Series titles in 1992 and 1993, the Jays cemented themselves in history behind the stellar play of Roberto Alomar, Paul Molitor, and Pat Borders.

While the Blue Jays have never reached the same success since these championship seasons, they’ve sported some terrific rosters along the way. Falling short of the World Series in the 2015 and 2016 seasons, the Jays made it all the way to the ALCS — losing to the Royals and Guardians (then Indians) in consecutive years.

Some of the top Blue Jays players in team history include Jose Bautista, Roy Halladay, and Dave Stieb. Currently the best players on the Blue Jays are Bo Bichette, Vladimir Guerrero Jr., and Kevin Gausman. With the 2024 MLB season well underway, be sure to check out the latest Blue Jays Betting Odds and score your next win supporting this lone Canadian squad.

MLB Betting Sites FAQs

Still left with some burning questions regarding the best MLB betting sites? Then be sure to check out our answers to some of the frequently asked questions about MLB betting sites in Canada. Check out our MLB betting sites FAQs below and learn more about how you can start placing bets on baseball today.

Where can I place MLB bets?

Bettors can place MLB bets at private online sportsbooks, or through government-owned betting sites such as Proline+ and Mise-o-jeu. Players looking for more choices can also try out Sports Interaction, bet365, Bet99, and other private sportsbooks legally available in Canada.

Can I bet live on the MLB?

Yes, you can! Top Canadian sportsbooks offer live baseball betting.

Which sportsbook is the best for MLB bettors?

Each online sports betting site will have its strengths, so it will depend on what you are looking for. Whether its bonuses or customer support, the sites we recommend will be excellent in all of these categories.

Why do MLB lines change?

MLB lines change at sportsbooks for two main reasons. Either something in the world of sports has happened, such as an injury or an upset, or many the amount of bets being placed at the sportsbook encourages the lines to change slightly.

Who is the favourite to win the World Series?

Right now the Los Angeles Dodgers are the favourites to win the World Series 2022 across the top sportsbooks.

What types of MLB bets will they offer?

At these MLB betting sites, you will have access to props, spreads, futures, moneylines, and more. Baseball tends to have the full banquet!

Is MLB Betting profitable?

As is the case with any sport, as long as someone puts in the appropriate amount of time and research into their wagers they stand a good chance of winning. Thus, the sport can be quite profitable.

Is MLB Betting popular in Canada?

The MLB is rather popular in Canada, as are many of the major American league sports. With the Blue Jays taking part, it draws extra attention to the sport.

How many Canadian teams are in the MLB?

There is only one team remaining in the MLB, which is the Toronto Blue Jays.

Is betting on MLB games legal?

Yes, betting on MLB games is legal in Canada. All of the best MLB betting sites offer competitive odds and lines daily on all the biggest betting markets for baseball. As long as you are legally eligible to bet on sports in your country/province, you are able to bet on MLB games legally.

How to bet on MLB?

There are a number of ways to bet on the MLB in Canada. Popular game lines on baseball include moneyline bets, runlines, and run totals. Other MLB betting markets include futures bets and prop bets.

How many Canadian teams play in the MLB?

Currently there is only one Canadian MLB team, the Toronto Blue Jays. Previously, there was a second Canadian MLB team in the Montreal Expos. The Expos inaugural season was in 1969 and played until the team folded in 2004 where they would be relocated to Washington, becoming the Nationals.

How do you place a bet on the World Series?

Once the MLB Playoffs has reached its pinnacle with the champions from the American League and National League set to square off, you are able to bet on the World Series. Just like any other baseball game, there are a number of bets you can place on each matchup, as well as future bets on the outcome of the series.

Why do baseball lines/odds change?

Baseball betting sites will change the lines and odds depending on a number of factors. The main proponent in deciding the odds value of any baseball matchup is the skill level of both teams. Baseball odds and lines also change in real-time as bettors can take advantage of live betting lines as the action unfolds.

What is the vigorish in MLB betting?

Vigorish (or juice) is the amount that the sportsbook takes from your wager as a cut for taking your bet. Vigorish is already implemented on your MLB bets and is a small fraction of all wagers placed. A bet on a heavy favourite will charge more vigorish when compared to wagering on a slight favourite, with no vigorish taken on an underdog wager.