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Toronto Raptors Odds

For Canadian basketball fans, the Toronto Raptors are the only chance to root for a local NBA team. The Raptors are the only team at the top level of professional basketball located in Canada and thus take on the persona of “Canada’s Team” for many basketball fans from the Great White North. 

While watching the Raptors is a regular routine for many Canadians during the NBA season, did you know that you can also place bets on their games? You can place wagers on a ton of different Raptors-related betting markets that are provided by safe and legitimate sportsbooks across the country. 

There are countless oddsmakers in Canada providing Raptors-related betting odds. It’s an easy process to sign-up at one of these sportsbooks and then start placing bets. 

But where can you find Toronto Raptors betting odds? 

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Toronto Raptors Betting Odds

There are multiple betting markets, the same as the ones found in Vegas, available for wagering on the Toronto Raptors betting odds online.

Pre-match NBA betting odds on the Toronto Raptors include NBA moneylines, NBA point spreads, NBA game totals, plus a wide variety of player and team prop bets. These markets are available on every Toronto Raptors game â€“ from the preseason until the NBA Finals.

Toronto Raptors futures are another popular betting options. Online sportsbooks offer NBA Finals odds on the Toronto Raptors throughout the year, adjusting the line to reflect the current state of the team and NBA.

Toronto Raptors to win the 2024 NBA Championship


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If you don’t know what these betting markets entail, let’s discuss them one by one:


If you are a beginner sports bettor in basketball, the Moneyline betting market is a good place to start. It is the simplest Raptors-related bet you can find at any sportsbook. This is where you simply bet on which team will win in any given game.  For example, let’s say that the Raptors will play against Milwaukee. If you want to place a moneyline bet, you only need to choose the winner between the two teams. If that team wins, then your bet is a winner. 

Point Spreads

For the point spread bet or, you must correctly pick which team will win or lose while a handicap is applied to the stronger team in the matchup. Therefore, for your bet to win, your selected team must surpass the point spread set by the oddsmakers in a particular game. 

These bets come with a minus sign assigned to the favorite team and a negative one which shows the underdog. For example, oddsmakers can provide the following Raptors odds tonight: 

Toronto Raptors (-3.5)

Milwaukee Bucks (-3.5)

The Raptors are the favored team here, while the Bucks are the underdog. If you bet on the Raptors, the team has to win with four points or more for your bet to win On the other hand, you will lose your bet if the Bucks win outright or lose by just one, two, or three points. 


Totals bets or over/ under betting is based on the total scoring of both teams playing. You bet on whether the teams will score more or fewer points than the line provided by the oddsmakers. The winner or the loser of the game itself doesn’t matter in this type of bet. 

For example, if the line for the totals betting market for the Raptors and the Bucks is 228 points, your over bet needs the two teams to score more than 228 points to win. On the other hand, your under bet would win if the teams scored less than 228 points. 


Prop bets are also common betting odds for the Raptors. This is where you bet on smaller events within the game, such as the stats of individual Raptors players instead of the whole team. 

For example, you can bet on whether a certain player will score a certain number of points in a game or attain a certain amount of rebounds. Other prop bets include fun questions such as if the game will go to overtime.

Futures Bets

This type of bet focuses on the long-term events for the Raptors. Therefore, you will bet on an event whose outcome will be settled in the distant future. For example, you can place a bet on the Raptors to win in the NBA finals. You will only need to find odds for the Raptors winning the championship at your sportsbook of choice. 

The best thing about future bets is that they pay better than others. This is because they are difficult to predict. Usually, these Raptors Finals bets are placed at the beginning of the NBA season.

Toronto Raptors To Win NBA Championship Odds

The Toronto Raptors won their first NBA Championship in 2019. This was the greatest achievement in franchise history and a special moment for the entire country of Canada. Since then, the expectations for the Raptors to remain on top have been high. However, things have been tough for the team after the departure of a few key players. 

Usually, during the offseason, oddsmakers provide odds to win the title for all 30 teams participating in the NBA. The sportsbooks keep adjusting these numbers as the regular season plays itself out depending on the opinion of bettors and other factors. During the regular season, injuries, trades, and suspensions are key factors as to why the Toronto Raptors’ odds might change. As the playoffs approach, the odds keep changing. 

You can try your luck by finding Raptors betting odds for the NBA championship and placing your bet. This year may just be another season for the Raptors to shine in the finals.

You don’t have to go searching for odds on multiple sites because below are the Raptors’ odds to win the 2023-24 NBA Championship. Check out our NBA Finals Odds feature for futures prices on all 30 NBA teams!

Toronto Raptors 2023-24 NBA Playoff Odds

The Toronto Raptors find themselves straddling the line between short-term and long-term strategies. Two remnants from their championship core, OG Anunoby and Pascal Siakam, remain to maintain competitiveness. However, shortly after trading for Jakob Poeltl to bolster their present, they lost the third title contributor, Fred VanVleet, in free agency without compensation.

Scottie Barnes is the vital link to the future, and the pace of his development will be instrumental in shaping the Raptors’ ultimate trajectory.

What’s the latest?

Darko Rajakovic, with nine years of assistant coaching experience with the Thunder, Suns, and Grizzlies, has been appointed as Nick Nurse’s successor.

With the 13th pick in the draft, the Raptors chose Gradey Dick, a versatile wing with scoring abilities on various fronts.

Gradey Dick to win the 2024 NBA Rookie of the Year


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Following VanVleet’s departure for Houston, the Raptors swiftly adjusted by signing Dennis Schroder to a two-year contract using the mid-level exception.

How far can the Raptors go?

The Raptors fell short of expectations last season, finishing ninth in the Eastern Conference and losing a Play-In game at home. With a new coaching voice, improved defensive discipline, and a breakout performance from Barnes, they could potentially secure a spot in the Eastern Conference’s 5-8 range. However, they might also regress if there are concerns that Anunoby or Siakam may depart next July.

One player poised for a breakthrough

Scottie Barnes. While Schroder takes VanVleet’s place in the lineup, Barnes will likely have to assume a more significant playmaking role and improve his shooting. His effective field goal percentage of 38.5% on shots outside the paint last season ranked second-worst among 212 players with at least 200 attempts. Barnes displayed the potential of an all-around star as a rookie, but it remains uncertain which facets of his game will shine.

Upcoming free agents

The Raptors have 12 potential free agents in 2024:

  • Precious Achiuwa (restricted)
  • OG Anunoby (player option)
  • Jeff Dowtin (restricted)
  • Malachi Flynn (restricted)
  • Javon Freeman-Liberty (two-way player)
  • Ron Harper Jr. (two-way player)
  • Markquis Nowell (two-way player)
  • Otto Porter Jr.
  • Pascal Siakam
  • Garrett Temple
  • Gary Trent Jr.
  • Thaddeus Young

It might be another eventful summer in Toronto, as Anunoby and Siakam are likely to seek new contracts unless they secure extensions beforehand. The impending free agency could lead to trade rumors, with the Raptors unwilling to lose another starter without receiving compensation.

You can join other bettors to predict whether the Raptors will make it to the top. Shop around to compare the lines and make sure that you get the best odds possible for any Raptors bets. 

The good news is there are plenty of NBA playoff bets, including live bets. Therefore, you can wait for the Toronto Raptors to make the playoffs and place a bet during that time if you wish   

Since the upcoming NBA season promises lots of hot action, we are here to help you with a compilation of the best odds across the internet.  Bet365 odds on the Raptors’ chances to win the Atlantic Division and the Eastern Conference Championship.

Please Note: Bet365 odds are subject to change – Check the website for current prices.

Toronto Raptors Team Info

Team NameToronto Raptors
HistoryToronto Raptors (1995-Present)
ArenaScotiabank Arena
Championships1 (2019)
Conference Titles1 (2019)

Toronto Raptors’ Standings

The NBA has two conferences, the Eastern and the Western Conference. The Toronto Raptors are in the Eastern Conference, and in 2019, the team won the NBA championship.

Aside from the two conferences, the NBA also has six divisions. The Toronto Raptors are in the Atlantic division. Even though a division win is not much celebrated as a conference win, the Raptors have won the Atlantic division championship seven times during franchise history. These little victories are good because the Atlantic division has been among the best in the entire NBA in recent years. Will the Raptors win the next division championship? Find the lines for the Toronto Raptors to win the Atlantic Division and place your bet here.

This is where the Raptors stand in today’s NBA season. Conference and division standings are separated here. Winning streaks, points for (+), and points against (-) are posted as well.

Home games are played at Scotiabank Arena.

How to Get the Most out of Toronto Raptors’ Betting Lines?

Everyone looking to wager on Toronto Raptors betting lines needs to consider a few things before they start betting.

On Canada Sports Betting, you’ll find reviews and breakdowns for dozens of sportsbooks partners offering NHL game odds today.

Canadians should also try to find the sportsbooks with the highest and most current Toronto Raptors betting odds. While every online sportsbook we recommend offers Toronto Raptors betting lines, the amount of NBA betting markets they have, and their NBA teams betting odds differ.

It is also good to find out what online sportsbooks offer the best Toronto Raptors mobile betting experience. Canadians are welcome to check out our partners’ mobile sites and applications before signing up to find their ideal mobile destination.

For a comprehensive breakdown of the best sports betting apps available in Canada, check out our full guide here!

Mobile betting is preferred by many sports bettors across the country. You can bet from the comfort of your home or while on the go. Besides, you can access all the same betting features available on the sportsbook’s website. You only need a smartphone and a strong internet connection to get started. 

Also, Canadian players should ensure that they choose a user-friendly betting site. You should bet on a site that is easy to navigate and quick to load for the best experience. This is to help you get to the NBA betting page faster and select your odds. This helps especially when doing live betting.   

Lastly, Canadians should keep up to date with injury reports from the Toronto Raptors. Injury reports are dished out often by the franchise and will help you stay educated on which players will be seeing the floor that night. 

How to Find the Best Welcome Bonus for Raptors Vegas Odds?

When choosing and creating an account on an online sportsbook, Canadians are eligible for a welcome bonus. Users who opt to receive a bonus can use it to bet on the Toronto Raptors.

The most common bonus is an initial deposit bonus. This type of bonus is given to new users after they make their first deposit. This bonus is only for betting, not withdrawal, and Canadians receiving this bonus are subject to a rollover requirement.

Exact terms of rollover requirements are available on a sportsbook’s website. Still, the general rule is users need to wager six to ten times their total first deposit and bonus before they can make full withdrawals from their account.

The other welcome bonus Canadians will see it is a free bet bonus. Free bets are given to Canadians after they make their first deposit. The free bet is usually between $5 and $10, is only eligible for betting and comes with minimal odds requirements (1.40 or higher).

Different online sportsbooks will offer different welcome bonus packages to entice you to sign-up with their sportsbook. The best bonus is not always the one with the highest amount of value as there are often many conditions attached to the promotion. Therefore, you can compare what the various sportsbooks are offering to get the best deal. However, as you look into the amount, consider the terms and conditions of claiming the bonus. For example, some sportsbooks have higher wagering requirements than others.  

Which Sportsbook has the Highest Raptors Odds?

While partners of our partners here at Canada Sports Betting offer Toronto Raptors betting lines, knowing what website has the highest Raptors odds is essential.

There are a few ways to figure out what online sportsbooks are offering the highest odds. The first way is to check out every online sportsbook we recommend and compare their Toronto Raptors odds.

Raptors Betting Tonight

While the first option, widely called line shopping, is excellent when looking at NBA futures, it is challenging and time-consuming to do when betting on Toronto Raptors games and nearly impossible to do when live betting on the NBA.

Live betting on the NBA can make your gaming experience interesting. This is where you find Raptors betting odds and bet as the games happen live. Therefore, you need to act instantly when an opportunity arises. 

As live betting moves at such a rapid pace, we recommend doing all your NBA live betting on your leading online sportsbook. All you need to do is ensure that your sportsbook offering live betting odds on the Raptors game tonight is a legal site. Always bet with a licensed betting site to avoid being scammed and exposing your personal information to third parties.  

Instead, Canadians looking for the highest odds on Toronto Raptors games can check out the odds widget at the top of this page. Here we highlight the best pre-match NBA odds from a few of our top-rated partners. These are some of the most popular sports betting markets related to the Toronto Raptors. 

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Toronto Raptors FAQs

Where do the Toronto Raptors play?

The Toronto Raptors play at Scotiabank Arena (former the Air Canada Centre), which is located in downtown Toronto.

When do the Toronto Raptors play?

The Toronto Raptors regular season starts in mid-October and runs until April. If the Raptors make the playoffs, they continue playing until they either win the Finals (which ends in mid-June) or are eliminated from the postseason.

Who owns the franchise?

Maple Leaf Sports Entertainment owns the Toronto Raptors. Maple Leaf Sports Entertainment or MLSE is jointly owned by Rogers Communication, BCE Inc (Bell Canada) and Kilmer Sports.

How did the team get their name?

The Toronto Raptors got their name through a fan vote. The name was influenced by the film Jurassic Park, which came out less than a year before the naming process began.

When did the Toronto Raptors join the NBA?

The city was Toronto was awarded an NBA franchise in 1993, with the Toronto Raptors playing their first game on November 3, 1995.

Where can I watch the Toronto Raptors?

Canadians can watch every Toronto Raptors game on Sportsnet and TSN. The two companies split the Toronto Raptors regular season and playoff games evenly.

How many games do the Toronto Raptors play?

The Toronto Raptors play 82 regular season games. They also play exhibition games (with the total differing season-to-season) before the season. If the Raptors make the playoffs, they can play up to 28 more games.

What type of bets are available on the Toronto Raptors?

Every Toronto Raptors game is open for betting with plenty of betting options. The most popular bets on Toronto Raptors are point spreads, game totals and moneylines. There are also Toronto Raptors and Toronto Raptors players props available. Canadians can also bet on Toronto Raptors NBA futures such as their win total for the season, their odds to win the Atlantic Division and their odds to make and win the NBA Finals.

Where can I bet on the Toronto Raptors?

Canadians can bet on the Toronto Raptors through any of our partner websites. They offer odds on every Toronto Raptors game and futures on how the Toronto Raptors will perform in the regular season and playoffs.

When are Toronto Raptors odds available for betting?

Odds for the Toronto Raptors next game open shortly after the conclusion of their previous game. Toronto Raptors betting odds may be delayed in the event of a player injury.

Who are the Toronto Raptors biggest rivals?

The Toronto Raptors biggest rivals are their foes in the Atlantic Division – the Philadelphia 76ers, the Boston Celtics, Brooklyn Nets and New York Knicks.

Where to bet on the Raptors?

There are numerous online sportsbooks where you can bet on Raptors in Canada. For example, you can use Bet365 and Sports Interaction betting sites among many more. All you need to do is to find a legal betting site in your jurisdiction and create your betting account. 

Where can I place a sports bet on the Toronto Raptors? 

Sports betting on the Raptors is now available from the comfort of your home. This is because they are plenty of betting sites providing Raptors betting odds that allow mobile betting. To avoid wasting time looking for a sportsbook, you can check our recommended partners on this page.

What are the odds of the Raptors winning the championship?

The odds for the Raptors winning the championship are around +4000 right now though this depends slightly on the sportsbook.

What is the Raptors best season record in franchise history?

The Toronto Raptors had their most wins in a season in 2017-18 where they had 59 wins. This was the best regular season record in Raptors history and a number they are still trying to beat.

Who is the Raptors best player for the 2023-24 season?

Pascal Siakam is the star of the Raptors. However, there are other good players on the team including a young rising star in Scottie Barnes who could soon take this title.