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2024 MLB World Series Odds

The MLB World Series odds for 2024 are favoring the Los Angeles Dodgers. They’re in prime position for victory thanks to their impressive lineup, hefty investments in acquiring players, and the high hopes set by both simulations and expert opinions.

With a whopping $1 billion spent on contracts, the Dodgers have gathered a star-studded team, featuring renowned players like Shohei Ohtani and Yoshinobu Yamamoto. Despite facing obstacles in past seasons, they’re widely regarded as top contenders for the World Series crown in 2024. In fact, simulations even suggest they might surpass their franchise record of 111 wins.

To learn more about the best MLB betting odds available for the World Series, continue scrolling.

Up to the Minute 2024 MLB World Series Odds:

The 2024 World Series odds were last updated on Jul 16, 2024:

2024 MLB World Series Betting Odds

World Series odds for 2024 show consistent favor towards the Los Angeles Dodgers across most books. Among them, the Atlanta Braves lead as the +600 betting favorites, while the Dodgers closely trail at +700. Additionally, the Texas Rangers and Houston Astros stand at +800, with the New York Yankees at +1600, among others.

Why The Braves Can Win the 2024 World Series

In terms of the odds to win the World Series in 2024, the Atlanta Braves rank as the second favorite team. This ranking comes on the heels of their strong offensive performance in the previous season. In 2023, the Braves showcased an explosive offense, tallying 947 runs, ranking seventh-highest since 2000. Key players such as Matt Olson, who topped the MLB with 54 home runs and 139 RBI, and Ronald Acuna Jr., who achieved an impressive feat of 40 home runs and 70 steals in a single season, were instrumental in their offensive dominance.

However, despite their remarkable offensive prowess, the Braves encountered challenges with their pitching staff, which struggled with a 4.14 ERA, ranking 15th in the majors. This imbalance between a potent offense and pitching concerns may have led to varying opinions on the value of supporting the Braves at their odds before the start of the season.

Toronto Blue Jays Look To Return To MLB Post-Season

In the realm of MLB futures odds, the Toronto Blue Jays are positioned with a decent chance to secure a playoff spot in 2024, but they’re up against significant hurdles:

The Blue Jays odds to clinch a playoff berth in 2024 stand at -140, indicating they’re favored to make it to the postseason. However, they compete in the fiercely competitive AL East division, which boasts formidable teams like the New York Yankees, Baltimore Orioles, and Tampa Bay Rays, making it tough for the Blue Jays to clinch the division title.

Their projected win total for 2024 is set at 86.5 wins, with the over (-115) slightly favored over the under (-105). This implies that while oddsmakers anticipate the Blue Jays being in the playoff mix, they might not necessarily top their division.

Although the Blue Jays have reached the playoffs in the last two seasons, they’ve been ousted in the Wild Card round both times. There are concerns about their ability to perform in the playoffs despite their success in the regular season.

Key factors that could influence the Blue Jays’ playoff prospects include the rebound performances of players like Vladimir Guerrero Jr. and George Springer, as well as consistent strong pitching from their rotation led by Kevin Gausman and Chris Bassitt.

The Blue Jays hold a promising chance to reach the playoffs in 2024, but they’ll encounter stiff competition within their division and must overcome recent playoff setbacks to advance further. While their playoff odds look favorable, they’re not a guaranteed lock.

How To Bet On 2024 MLB Futures

Begin your journey into MLB futures betting by understanding the MLB odds to win the World Series, and follow these simple steps:

Understand MLB Futures: MLB futures bets are long-term wagers where you predict outcomes that will be determined later in the season, beyond just the current day or week. These bets can include predicting a team to make the playoffs, win their division or league, or win the World Series.

Choose Your Bet: Decide on the type of future bet you want to place. You can bet on various outcomes such as World Series winners, division champions, league champions, or individual player awards like Most Valuable Player or Cy Young Award.

Check Odds and Payouts: Futures odds are associated with bigger payouts since predicting these outcomes is more challenging than single-game bets. Odds can range from +250 to +1100 or even higher. Understand how odds work – for example, if you see odds of +6600, it means a $100 bet would win $6600 if successful.

Place Your Bet: Once you have chosen your desired future bet and understood the odds and potential payouts, you can place your bet with a sportsbook that offers MLB futures betting options like Bet365 Bet99.

Follow Your Wager: After placing your bet, follow the progress of your wager over time. Every game, streak, injury, and performance will impact your bet. Enjoy the entertainment that comes from following your prediction throughout the season.

Remember to gamble responsibly and set clear limits for yourself when engaging in sports betting activities. Enjoy the excitement of following your favorite teams and players through MLB futures betting!

In addition to looking for the best prices for your bets, you should also compare bonuses: Sports Interaction (SIA) offers up to a $200 sign-up bonus, other sites including Betway ($200 bonus), PowerPlay ($250 bonus), bet365 ($200 bonus) and others are more than dependable with their odds for all Canadian betting events.

If you prefer to bet through your mobile device, you must check out which sportsbook has the most suitable app for you. You should see if their app is easy to navigate if it is easy to install if it has specific bonuses for mobile users, etc.

Find your best fit and get ready to place your bets.

How to find the best welcome bonus for MLB World Series betting?

As we mentioned above, multiple different outlets offer fans not only great odds, but outstanding bonuses to sign up for their betting sites and start laying money down on some of their favorite teams.

With fans already thinking about Vegas odds for World Series Game 7 and even World Series Game 1 odds, the time to start getting ready for the Fall Classic certainly is now.

However, it’s important to note just how bonuses work.

For example with Sports Interaction (SIA), they offer a welcome bonus of up to $200. This means if you sign up and deposit $200 into your account, they’ll match that $200 in your account. You can’t load $50 and expect to receive $200. In that case, you’d get an extra $50 to play with.

Welcome bonuses will always entice new users to sign up, because they’re being given extra money to lay bets with. Keep in mind, though, with welcome bonuses, you’ll need to make an initial deposit in order to claim your prize.

With PowerPlay, they’ve gotten creative with how they hand out their bonus funds. They offer $100 on sports bets, providing a 100 percent bonus on two bets of up to $50. So, you could in theory take your two different $50 free bets and pick either the futures champion (World Series winner) and Game 1 winner if you choose.

With so many different options, it’s easy for bettors to find the best Canadian betting bonuses that fit their needs. And with all of our partners offering you bonuses throughout the year, there’s never a bad time to hop in and sign up.

Which Canadian Sportsbook has the highest odds to win the 2024 MLB World Series?

Fortunately here at Canada Sports Betting, we work with dozens of partners who are ready to provide you with the best odds for all the MLB games on the schedule.

And when the World Series arrives, you can count on those same partners offering different kinds of odds. This includes game lines, series projections, over/unders for each night and more.

It’s important for readers to compare the odds at the different sportsbook we have to offer. This can easily be done by visiting either the desktop version or the mobile apps (where they’re available).

You can also see updated World Series odds by visiting our odds widget, which presents the updated odds from multiple sportsbooks side by side.

With odds changing so rapidly, it’s always wise to keep an eye out on how things are moving both pre-game, during the action and throughout a series.

A team could be a monster favorite leading up to Game 1, but then fall behind 2-0 after two games. Then, odds would then flip tremendously, altering how you might bet on the games moving forward.

See below the top sportsbooks where you can wager online and choose the best one for you:

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Which Sportsbook has the most 2024 MLB World Series Odds?

Who ends up playing in the World Series, the amount of prop bets that will be set as options for bettors will make the seven-game series even that more exciting.

With so many odds available out there, we highly recommend bettors to check out multiple Canada Sports Betting partners to see which numbers they favor.

Sites like Sports Interaction (SIA), BetVictor, bet365 and others are popular for loading different prop bets and getting them up in timely fashion. Leading up to the World Series, you’ll be able to bet on a plethora of outcomes.

This includes World Series MVP, who will win each game, how many games the series will last, which player will hit the most home runs, which player will go yard in a specific game and more.

As MLB Playoffs odds change, this will cast a wide affect on how things could eventually end up playing out. Futures markets will always be among the most popular bets, especially with fans riding high on their favorite teams.

If you’re confident your team can win the World Series, why not put you money where your mouth is? That’s how a lot of MLB followers feel out there.

Can I bet on the 2024 MLB World Series with mobile?

What Sports Betting Apps Are The Best Available

The way our world operates these days, virtually everything can be done from your phone or tablet. In the case of sports gambling, this is also the case.

Want to download an app to place your World Series bet? This won’t be an issue whatsoever once Game 1 of the Fall Classic rolls around.

Some of our partners do indeed have an app, which offers convenience, no question. Some wonder what’s best, using desktop or mobile? Well, it really depends your situation.

If you’re on the go a lot and are often away from a computer, going the mobile route would be a great fit. Both offer the same odds and user experience.

Sites like Bet365 allow you the opportunity to hop on your phone and place a bet.

And with Bet365 in Canada, it’s considered among the favorite mobile apps for Canadian players. With the app, fans can follow live scores, live odds and even watch live events.

2024 World Series Winner Odds

In the realm of MLB Futures for the 2024 season, some divisions showcase clear favorites while others remain up for grabs. These teams are considered frontrunners in their respective divisions, as indicated by the odds provided by the top sportsbooks in Canada. Here’s the lowdown:

In the NL East, the Atlanta Braves are leading the pack as favorites to clinch the division, with odds of +450. In the NL West, the Los Angeles Dodgers maintain their stronghold as favorites for the third straight season, boasting odds of +320.

Moving to the AL West, the Houston Astros are favored to secure the AL West title, starting with odds of +800. In the AL East, the New York Yankees stand out as the favored squad to conquer the division, flaunting odds of +1600.

As soon as an AL and NL champ has been crowned, World Series odds will then be broken down to the two teams, with odds being presented for the champion and individual games as well.

Betting on Baseball during the Postseason and World Series is a truly exciting time for fans and betting enthusiasts alike. Follow along at Canada Sports Betting and don’t miss a minute of the action!

How Many MLB Teams Reach the Postseason?

In Major League Baseball, the postseason welcomes a total of 12 teams every year. This bracket-style playoff system includes six teams from each league, marking an increase from the former format that featured 10 teams (five from each league). Among these 12 postseason contenders are the three division winners from each league, along with three Wild Card teams per league.

How do I bet on the 2024 World Series?

To bet on the World Series with top Canadian sportsbooks, choose a reputable one like Bet365 or Bet99. Understand MLB futures betting, check odds, and place your bet responsibly. Then, follow your wager as the MLB season progresses.

How do MLB futures work?

Futures are bets that look a lot like moneylines. The difference is that futures are for big events farther down the road. You will find bets for the World Series as a future or outright.

What kind of World Series props can I find?

World Series props can generally be divided into two categories: player props and team props. For example, you can bet on how many strike outs a pitcher will have, or which team will score first.

Who’s the favourite to win the World Series 2024?

Right now the favourites are the LA Dodgers. It is possible that this will change over the regular season and playoffs.